Your guests will feel right at home when they see this beautiful machine embroidered ‘Welcome to Our House’ pillow! This customizable handmade décor is adorable for any kind of dwelling – a camper, a lake house, a farm house, or just your home sweet home! In this machine embroidery tutorial, we’ll show you how to stitch this creative and cozy pillow as well as a garden flag! There are 2 different methods of assembly for you to choose from to create tons of fun combinations. You’ll be proud when visitors get to see your embroidery skills! Gather your supplies and follow along with our tutorial to start stylishly showing your hospitality today!



Step 1

Gather all supplies.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow supplies

Step 2

Print #PK10025-01 Welcome to on a StabilStick Template Sheet for better placement on the flag and pillow. Set it aside for later.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow template

Step 3

Take the table runner length and divide it into 4. Mark with a with a marker – each section should be around 9” x 12”. These will be cut lines later.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow mark fabric

Step 4

Mark the center of the width of the table runner, making 6″ sections.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow mark fabric horizontal center

Step 5

Mark the center of each section – about 4 ½” from your vertical “cut lines”.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow mark vertical centers

Step 6

Place the hoop on the Grippy Grid and hoop StabilStick CutAway with the shiny side up. Score the paper and peel it away.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow hoop stabilizer

Step 7

Align the center of the first section of the table runner to the center of the hoop and press in place. Use the Expert Embroidery Tape TearAway to hold a piece of Stitch2O in place.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow hoop fabric

Step 8

Using the placement tools on your embroidery machine, find the center of the design.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow find center on embroidery machine

Step 9

Stitch the design. Remove the table runner from the hoop.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow stitch embroidery design

Step 10

Gently cut away the stabilizer from the back and tear away the Stitch2O from the front.

Step 11

Place the table runner face down onto the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth and press the design.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow press the fabric

Step 12

Repeat steps 5-13 for designs 03-05. Cut the table runner into 4 pieces using the marked lines you made previously.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow finished embroidery designs

Step 13

Measure your rectangles (8” wide and 6” high). Mark the sides 4” from the center of the design on both sides. Mark the top and bottom 3” from the center of the design on top and bottom.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow mark finished embroidery designs

Step 14

Cut 1” away from the marked lines.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow trim finished embroidery designs

Step 15

Zig Zag or serge the edges to prevent the fabric from unraveling.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow finish embroidery design edges

Step 16

Turn under the hem on the marked lines and pin it in place.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow pin embroidery design edges

Step 17

In this example, we chose 2 rectangles to add to the garden flag with velcro and 2 to add to the pillow with buttons. For the garden flag, baste the hems of the rectangles. For the pillow, edgestitch.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow finish embroidery design edges

Step 18

Cut strips of sew-on velcro for all sides of the garden flag rectangles and sew in place. Put the rectangles aside for later.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow add velcro

Step 19

For the placement of the 7/8” buttons on your pillow rectangles, mark ½” vertically from the top and bottom. Then mark ¼” from the sides.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow mark buttonholes

Step 20

Use your machine to create buttonholes and open them.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow create buttonholes

Step 21

To create the garden flag and pillow, use the same steps above to place design 01 (“Welcome to Our”). Be sure to include your rectangles in the placement so you can see how the two elements will be spaced. Stitch your design according to the above steps.

'Welcome to Our House' garden flag place embroidery designs

Step 22

Once you’ve figured out where you’d like to place your rectangle and sew the velcro pieces to the flag.

Step 23

Sew the sides of the flag together.

'Welcome to Our House' garden flag sew the garden flag

Step 24

For the pillow, put a marker in the buttonhole for placement.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow mark buttons

Step 25

Sew the buttons in place. Unzip the pillow and put the right sides together. Stitch the 3 open sides. Turn right side out and stuff.

'Welcome to Our House' Pillow add buttons

Step 26

Enjoy your new garden flag and pillow!


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you stitched your very own Welcome to Our House Pillow? Or maybe you chose to create the garden flag version? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!