Make a cute little ‘Sweet Talk’ message pillow to give to your favorite person! These pillows take on the shape of the design and are the perfect pick-me-up gift for Valentine’s Day and beyond!



Step 1

Gather your supplies. Cut fabric large enough to hoop.  Press Fusible Woven to back side of fabric. Then, cut a piece of Fusible PolyMesh CutAway the same size as fabric and press to the back side (on top of the Fusible Woven).

Step 2

Hoop your fabric and stabilizer.

Step 3

Load the hoop onto your machine and stitch your design. This pillow uses design #90032-06.

Step 4

Take the project out of the hoop and press the design face down with your Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth. Trim the excess PolyMesh about ¼” around the design. Using a fabric marker, roughly draw a cut line around the design.  Leave about a 1” to 1-1/2” margin around the design. Keep in mind that you want the pillow to take on the shape of the design. By leaving at least a 1” margin around the design, the curves are smoother and easier to work with.

Step 5

Cut a piece of backing fabric larger than your drawn cut line. Use the same fabric as the front of the pillow, or pick a different one for contrast. Lay your backing fabric under your top fabric, wrong sides together.

Step 6

Cut both top and bottom piece of fabric on your drawn cut line.

Step 7

Lay bottom fabric on top of front fabric wrong sides together. Make several registration marks on the back side of both pieces of fabric. This will allow you to line up the fabrics after the side binding is stitched on. Cut three bias strips 1-1/2” wide and sew together. 

Step 8

Sew one side of bias binding to the top piece of the pillow. Leave extra at the beginning and end of the bias strip to finish the binding.

Step 9

To finish the bias binding, overlap the beginning and ending of the strip by ¼” and trim extra fabric. Put the ends right sides together and sew using a ¼” seam allowance. Finish sewing the edge of the bias binding to the top piece.

Step 10

Lay the back piece of fabric right sides together on the front fabric and match registration marks. Pin the back piece to the bias binding at the registration marks and sew the back piece to the bias binding. Make sure to leave an opening to turn the pillow. Backstitched at the beginning and end to give extra support to the stitches when turning the pillow inside out. 

Step 11

Turn the pillow inside out and stuff with fiberfill. Hand sew the opening closed. You can also use a small strip of Fuse & Seal to close the opening instead of hand sewing.

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