This summer, showcase your machine embroidery skills when you create a set of these patriotic Stars and Stripes Quilted Placemats. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to see how easy it is to use our Stars & Stripes Quilting Collection (#12943) and our StabilStick Template Sheets to create continuous quilted patterns right in your embroidery hoop! You’ll turn fabric and fun variegated thread into stunning showpieces for your Fourth of July or Memorial Day party’s tablescape. From selecting favorite fabrics, to mastering stitch placement, you’ll learn to stitch this project, then be proud to show off your creations to your guests!

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats Machine Embroidery Tutorial



Step 1

Gather your supplies

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats Embroidery Supplies

Step 2

Using the templates included in your PDF instrutions, print the designs on paper and save them for the applique stars that come later in the project. Then, enlarge the designs by 20% and print on StabilStick template sheets.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats print StabilStick templates

Step 3

Gather your fabric and batting rectangles.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats fabric

Step 4

Mark 1″ from each edge of the fabric rectangle. This will be the edge of your placemat.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats mark fabric

Step 5

Trim the StabilStick Template sheets close to the designs. Position them on the front fabric and plan where you’ll stitch. The Stars & Stripes Quilting designs are continuous. In this example, the first design is placed about 5″ from the lower right corner.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats place Stabilstick template sheets

Step 6

Once you’re happy with your design placements, make horizontal marks to line up with their centers.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats mark placement

Step 7

Use 505 Adhesive Spray to attach all layers of your placemat: front, batting, and backing.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats stack fabric and batting

Step 8

Peel the paper from the template sheet and stick it down on the placement line. Do not discard the paper backing – this template is reusable!

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats stick template

Step 9

Wind a bobbin with matching thread – we used 9918 Ol’ Glory Isacord Variegated.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats wind bobbin of variegated thread

Step 10

Your embroidery will be close to the edge, so you’ll need to add Ultra Clean and Tear Plus to the 1″ edges of the placemat. Cut (3) 5″x24″ pieces of Ultra Clean and Tear Plus. Tape the bottom edge of the placemat to one of the strips of Ultra Clean and Tear Plus with TearAway Tape.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats add stabilizer

Step 11

Use the Grippy Grid to keep your hoop in place while you hoop the quilt sandwich.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats embroidery hoop

Step 12

Bring up the design and get ready to stitch. Turn off the knotting setting for the beginning and end of the design – it’s already built in

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats line up the first design

Step 13

Use the placement tool on your embroidery machine to find the center of your design

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats find center

Step 14

Once you’ve found your placement, remove the template sheet and return it to its paper backing.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats remove template

Step 15

Bring up the bobbin thread and hold the threads gently while you stitch the first few stitches. Trim threads.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats bobbin thread

Step 16

Stitch the design.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats first design complete

Step 17

Cut one of your long strips of Ultra Clean and Tear Plus in half to measure 5″x12″ and tape to the left side of the placemat with TearAway Tape.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats add stabilizer to second side

Step 18

Line up the template sheet with the previous design.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats place next design

Step 19

Re-hoop, then use the placement tools on your machine to line up the next design and stitch.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats stitch next design

Step 20

Repeat on the other side (adding stabilizer, then stitching) until the top row is completed.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats stitch third design

Step 21

For the second row, place your template where you’d like the first design to be stitched in relation to the first row. We offset ours to nest between the previous row’s designs with about ½” space.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats place second row

Step 22

Add your Ultra Clean and Tear Plus, then stitch until the entire row has been completed in the same way as the first row. Remove excess stabilizer.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats stitch rest of designs

Step 23

Grab your printed designs from Step 2 (at actual size). Tape the printed design to your lightbox or a window, then place a sheet of Applique Fuse and Fix over top. Darkening the star with pencil can make the design easier to see. Trace however many stars you’d like to add to your placemats, keeping in mind which ones will be red, white, or blue. This allows you to get as many stars as possible onto one page and save material!

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats trace stars

Step 24

Press the fusible side of Applique Fuse and Fix to the wrong side of the Luxe Sparkle Vinyl.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats prepare Luxe Sparkle Vinyl

Step 25

Cut out all of your stars and position them on your placemat. Use the scoring tool in the OESD Embroidery Essentials Tool Kit to remove the paper backing.

Step 26

Stick the stars in place – Applique Fuse and Fix is re-positionable, so you can try out some different options.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats luxe sparkle vinyl stars

Step 27

Attach an edgestitch foot to your sewing machine, move the needle over 2 to the left, make sure your bobbin matches the upper thread, then use a 2mm straight stitch to attach the stars.

Step 28

Press the placemat.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats press stars

Step 29

Stitch through all layers just inside your 1″ marked lines.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats stitch edges of placemat

Step 30

Neatly trim your placemat down to 12″x18″

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats cut edges of placemat

Step 31

Cut a piece of Fusible Woven 7 ½” x 10” and press to the wrong side of your smaller rectangles of pocket fabric.

Step 32

Fold the wrong sides together, then take the upper left corner of your pocket and fold it over at an angle. Press. Tape the fold in place with TearAway Tape.

Step 33

Clip the pocket to the bottom right corner of the placemat. Edgestitch the left side of the pocket to the placemat and baste the raw edges to the placemat. Remove the TearAway Tape.

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats attach pocket

Step 34

Add binding around the edges of the placemat.

Step 35

Repeat to create your desired number of placemats. Make them all match, or vary the designs and fabrics for extra fun! Set your party table with new placemats, silverware, and other patriotic decorations. Wait for all the compliments from your guests. Enjoy!

Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats completed party tablescape


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you stitched your own Stars & Stripes Quilted Placemats? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!