Decorate your embroidery space with these fun Sewing Room Shadow Boxes! Celebrate your favorite hobby with some home decor that’s so quick and easy to make. This machine embroidery tutorial will show you the step-by-step process to stitch this witty wall art using Life’s A Stitch designs. 



Step 1

Gather your supplies.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Supplies

Step 2

Cut fabric into 12” squares. Cut Fusible Woven into 11 ½” squares.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Fabric

Step 3

Centering the Fusible Woven on the wrong side of the fabric, press to fuse. Put aside until ready to embroider.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Prepare Fabric

Step 4

To cut the Fiber Form shapes, trace the outside of your chosen shadow box. Cut 2 pieces for each box – for embroidery and 1 for the back of the shadow box.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Cut Fiber Form

Step 5

On the Front Fiber Form shape, mark the registration lines using a wash-away marker. The Grippy Grid makes this quick and easy!

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Mark Center

Step 6

Cut 1 Fuse and Seal piece for the Fiber Form back. Trim 1/8″ inside the Fiber Form outline on all sides. Press and set aside.

Step 7

Cut 2 pieces of StabilStick CutAway for each design you’ll embroider. Peel the backing off one sheet and stick it to the stabilizer side of the other (NOT the paper backing)

Step 8

Hoop your stabilizer – the Grippy Grid will help! Hoop the prepared StabilStick CutAway with the shiny paper side up in the hoop. Score the paper and remove the backing from the inside of the hoop.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Hoop Stabilstick

Step 9

Center the Fiber Form shape with the marking in the center of the hoop.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Hoop Fiber Form

Step 10

Use your embroidery machine to line up the center of the shape.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Machine Embroidery

Step 11

If you’re working with light fabric, remove the hoop from the embroidery module, then remove the markings so they won’t show through the fabric. If you’re working with darker fabric, skip this step.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Fiber Form Marking

Step 12

Spray the back side of the prepared fabric with the 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray and lay on top of the Fiber Form shape in the hoop, keeping it centered.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Add Fabric

Step 13

Return the hoop to the machine and embroider the design.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Machine Embroidery Finished

Step 14

Using scissors, trim the stabilizer ONLY (not fabric) to the shape.

Step 15

Place the embroidery on the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth, then press from the back.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Press with Press Cloth

Step 16

Cut the fabric approximately 1” all around the shape – at least enough to fold over to the back.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Trim Fabric to Shape

Step 17

Pull the fabric to the back and press each side along the Fiber Form edge. Temporarily tape each side in place to check the fit in your chosen shadow box. If the shape is too big, un-tape the fabric and trim down the Fiber Form as needed. Re-press.

Step 18

To permanently attach your fabric to the back of the Fiber Form, use 1/2″ strips of Fuse and Seal. Cut your strip to fit the size of the fabric flap, then press. Let it cool, peel the paper, fold over the Fiber Form, then press again. Repeat around all sides

Step 19

If your shadow box has an open back and you’d like to finish it off, cut a second piece of Fiber Form to shape. Press on a piece of Fuse and Seal.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Back

Step 20

Attach your embroidery (and and Fiber Form back, if needed) to your shadow box using hot glue.

Sewing Room Shadow Boxes Assemble

Step 21

Enjoy your completed Sewing Room Shadow Boxes!


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