Reasons to Wine Bag

Stitch a bottle of cheer! Create a bag for that housewarming gift bottle or party decoration.


  • Reasons to Wine Sayings #12738 by OESD
  • 1 fat quarter for bag exterior
  • 1 fat quarter for bag interior
  • Isacord thread
  • OESD Ultra Clean and Tear stabilizer
  • 24″ ribbon
  • OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth (optional)


Use a ¼” seam allowance

Make a test bag using one piece of scrap fabric (lining not necessary) to make sure the provided measurements will fit your bottle, adjust as needed keeping seam allowances in mind.

• Embroider the exterior fabric. Mark the center of fabric by folding fabric in half on each side, embroider your desired design. Use OESD’s Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth to enhance your design, if desired. This project looks best with the design 3″ – 5″ from the bottom of the fabric. Trim bag fabric to 13″W x 16″L, keeping in mind the above design placement recommendation.

Reasons to Wine Bag 1

• Sew bag exterior. Fold exterior piece in half to match raw edges (yielding a 6.5″ x 16″ piece), pin, sew down the side and bottom, press open seams.

Reasons to Wine Bag 2

• Sew bag lining. Cut lining fabric 13″ x 16″. Fold lining piece in half, just as you did the exterior, pin. Sew down the side, leaving a 3″ – 4″ hole for turning later, sew across the bottom, press open seams.

Reasons to Wine Bag 3

• Make gussets. Cut out a 1″ square from both corners of both the exterior and lining pieces.

Reasons to Wine Bag 4

• Create a 45-degree angle by matching seam line with fold/crease, pinch/pin together and stitch.

Reasons to Wine Bag 5
Reasons to Wine Bag 6

• Sew bag together. Turn exterior bag piece right side out, leave lining inside out, put the exterior piece inside lining (should be right sides together), lining up seams, pin, sew around the top, backstitch at beginning and end.

Reasons to Wine Bag 7
Reasons to Wine Bag 8

Pull exterior through the hole in the lining, assemble bag and press.

Reasons to Wine Bag 9

• Sew hole closed by hand or machine.

Reasons to Wine Bag 10

• Attach ribbon. If you already have your wine bottle, try out a perfect placement for tying, otherwise, measure 3″ from the top and stitch ribbon in place along the seamline.

Reasons to Wine Bag 11

• Place your bottle in the bag, tie ribbon, your bag is ready for gifting!

Reasons to Wine Bag 12

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