Creating wall art with your embroidery machine is a great way to add style and detail to your home decor! We chose to stitch this anchor design from Vintage Nautical PK10027, perfect to decorate a beach house, but you can pick your favorite designs to match any and every aesthetic. This project is very beginner-friendly and comes together quickly with just a few supplies! Check out this step-by-step machine embroidery tutorial, then create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece to bring character and personality to any room in your house!

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art



Step 1

Gather your supplies.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art supplies

Step 2

Cut 2 layers of Heavy Weight CutAway stabilizer and use 505 Adhesive spray to adhere to the fabric. Using the Grippy Grid, hoop your fabric and stabilizer.

Step 3

Bring up the design on your embroidery machine and attach the hoop.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art stitch design

Step 4

Use Expert Embroidery Tape – TearAway to attach a piece of Heat2Go to your fabric before the stitching begins.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art place heat2go

Step 5

Stitch out the design (this only has 2 colors) until completed. Remove the hoop from the machine and then remove the fabric from the hoop.  

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art remove from hoop

Step 6

Remove the TearAway Tape and then tear away as much as you can of Heat2Go. Remove the rest with your iron.

Step 7

Place the design face down onto the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth and press.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art press cloth

Step 8

Take any glass and/or cardboard out of the frame you wish to use for your project.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art frame

Step 9

Position the frame over your stitched design to see where you’d like to place your embroidery within it.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art place in frame

Step 10

Place the glass insert from the frame over the design. Use a pencil or marker and trace around the glass.

Step 11

Cut on the marked lines.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art cut fabric

Step 12

Trim the stabilizer, 1 layer at a time, around the design.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art cut stabilizer

Step 13

Cut a piece of Fuse and Seal a bit smaller than the dimensions of your fabric.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art cut fuse and seal

Step 14

Iron the Fuse and Seal to the back of the design.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art iron fuse and seal

Step 15

Peel the paper from the back of the Fuse and Seal and iron it onto the cardstock.

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art press fuse and seal

Step 16

Trim the cardstock to match the size of your fabric. Insert the design into frame and reassemble the frame.

Step 17

Enjoy your new embroidered wall art!

Nautical Embroidered Wall Art finished project


We hope you enjoyed this machine embroidery tutorial! Have you stitched your own embroidered wall art? Come show off your work in our private Facebook group, The Perfect Stitch!