Lovely Stipple Quilting Wall Hanging 1

Create a simple wall display to profess your L-O-V-E using this charming embroidery collection featuring stipple designs.


Lovely Stipple Quilting #12563 is a charming collection of stipple quilting designs which will fill your sewing heart with love and inspire you to get quilting! Each embroidery design was created using creative stippling fills and double layered batting beneath for optimized puffiness. Included are the letters L, O, V and E, some fun unique shapes, hearts, and flower accents to help in project building.

Create a simple wall display using the Stipple Heart 3 design and the letters L, O, V and E. The complete instructions for the Lovely Stipple Quilting Wall Display are included in the OESD embroidery collection Lovely Stipple Quilting #12563. The Stipple Heart 3 design could be exchanged for another design, just allow enough space as some of the other designs are square.

This wall display was created using one piece of fabric and hooping multiple times to stitch out the design and letters. Another option would be to stitch out the designs on different blocks of fabrics and then stitch the blocks together to form a wall display or quilt.

Drawing a line down the center length of the fabric is helpful for keeping the designs lined up. Be sure the line is drawn with a pen that will not disappear before the embroidery is completed.

Lovely Stipple Quilting Wall Hanging 2

Prepare the fabric with two layers of cotton batting. This will give the desired puffiness. We used two layers of cotton batting and two layers of tear away stabilizer beneath the fabric.

Print off the templates for each of the designs in embroidery software to help center and place the designs accurately on the fabric. Even the simplest embroidery software allows for the design to be printed at 100% size and includes cross hairs for centering the design.

Lovely Stipple Quilting Wall Hanging 3

The Isacord embroidery threads used in the wall display are the same threads called for in the thread chart. When using different colors of fabrics, experiment with the thread colors for a totally different look. Be creative with your colors!

The Stipple Border (#12563-14) and Stipple Corner (#12563-15) designs were created for use in conjunction with the other designs. Another option is to use other designs in the center and use the Stipple Border design and Stipple Corner design to create a stipple edge.

Lovely Stipple Quilting Wall Hanging 4

Several projects can be made using the designs from Lovely Stipple Quilting. Being creative with the designs in your quilting projects is what makes it fun! Mix them up and use them with other quilting collections or even other embroidery designs. The options are limitless, and the designs are simple and easy to stitch out. Be inspired!

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