Leprechaun Applique T-Shirt for children

Creating applique designs on your embroidery machine is so quick and easy! Check out this tutorial where we create a St. Patrick’s Day children’s t-shirt featuring a fun Luxe Sparkle Vinyl leprechaun! Our favorite glittering material makes any project extra special and festive! This design is one of our Little Lucky Appliquesfull PDF instructions can be found here.


Step 1

Mark where you want the center of the design on the shirt. Iron a piece of Fusible Woven on the underside of the shirt. Hoop PolyMesh and float the t-shirt. You can iron the t-shirt onto the PolyMesh after it is hooped.

Step 2

Stitch the placement line for the orange beard. Place the orange vinyl overtop and secure with TearAway tape. Then stitch the two tackdown lines. Take the hoop off of your machine, but not the project from the hoop. Trim neatly.

Step 3

Repeat the applique process for the gold face, the green hat, then the orange buckle.

Step 4

Embroider the details of the face and hat following the thread changes.

Leprechaun Applique T-Shirt machine embroidery details

Step 5

Remove your project from the hoop and trim away the excess PolyMesh. Iron a piece of Gentle Touch Backing to the inside of the shirt.

Leprechaun Applique T-Shirt remove stabilizer

Step 6

To create the ruffle, use a 5 1/2″ by 42″ length of fabric. Create a ruffle per your favorite method. We used a 3 thread overlock stitch and pulled the needle and thread to get the desired ruffle.

Leprechaun Applique T-Shirt create ruffle

Step 7

Sew up the side so you have a complete ruffle circle. Laying the ruffle just inside the shirt hem, pin to attach.

Leprechaun Applique T-Shirt pin ruffle

Step 8

Sew the ruffle onto the shirt with a 3 thread cover stitch, trying to stay along the hem lines.

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