Create a personalized makeup bag for back to school.

The In the Hoop Zippered Pouches #12519 is a great option for making a quick and easy quilted makeup bag. I used quilted pieces of fabric to make the Short Jumbo Pouch and added a brushstroke makeup embroidery design from I Enjoy Being a Girl 1 #11822 (discontinued) with initials to personalize.

To create the makeup bag with quilted fabrics, first cut your pieces 1” larger. So for the Short Pouch Jumbo #12519-02 I cut my pieces as follows:

– 7” x 13” piece fabric (upper top)
– 14” x 13” (lower top)
– (2) 10 ¼” x 13” pieces fabric (back)

I cut a 1” x 5” piece fabric for the zipper pull strip and used the same fabric for all the pieces. I also cut a 14” piece of 3/8” cord to use as a handle. Both the upper top and lower top pieces are folded in half so the batting pieces are half of the size needed.

Cut the cotton batting as follows:

– 3 ½” x 13” piece (upper top)
– 7” x 13” piece (lower top)
– 10 ¼” x 13” piece (back)

Cotton batting pieces are placed in between the two layers of the pieces of fabric for quilting.

To quilt the pieces, I free-motion quilted with a tone-on-tone colored thread. Once your pieces are quilted, then you will follow the Basic Instructions from the OESD In the Hoop Zippered Pouches #12519 embroidery collection. Gather your supplies and add your embroidery design and initials. From the I Enjoy Being a Girl #11822 (discontinued) embroidery collection, I used the design #NZ244 Perfume & Lipstick Brushstroke (discontinued).

I used my embroidery software to create the initials. You can also use the fonts in your embroidery machine. To add an embroidery design using embroidery software with editing features, bring in the pouch embroidery file. Insert or copy and paste your embroidery design before the final stitch called Seam Stitch, and add your initials. You want the embroidery design and initials to stitch on the lower top section before adding the back. If you do not have embroidery software, then you can add the design at the end of the pouch file but do not stitch the Seam Stitch. Stitch the embroidery design and initials and then go back to the Seam Stitch.

Before stitching the back piece onto the front sections, add the 14” piece of 3/8” cord. Fold the cord in half with the ends together and place on the upper top section. Tape in place to hold the ends.

Now place the back piece onto the front sections and stitch the Seam Stitch. Follow the remaining Basic Instructions.

Enjoy making and creating a makeup bag for that college or high school student as they prepare for going back to school. It is quick and easy and a great gift idea! 

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