Create an everlasting wrist corsage from our embroidery collection Freestanding Lace Bouquet. Choose your event! Weddings, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday, Confirmation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Choose your colors! Match a wedding theme, school colors, or simply match a dress for a special occasion.


  • OESD’s Freestanding Lace Bouquet #12454 embroidery collection
  • 24 – 36″ organdy ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Silk floral accent pieces
  • Floral tape
  • Corsage pin or elastic


Stitch and assemble the FSL Orchid according to the collection instructions.

Make a bow from organdy ribbon (you’ll need about 24” to 36”). Choose colors to match your flower or stitch your flower to match your ribbon.

Create four loops (or more if desired). For an even bow, make loops on alternate sides in a figure 8 pattern.

Use a piece of floral wire approximately 4” long. Twist it around the center of your ribbon to secure.

Twist the tails of your wire together – you will use this “stem” to attach the ribbon to your corsage.

Choose some silk floral accent pieces and arrange as desired behind your lace flower.

Align the stems of your accent florals with the floral wire at the bottom of your orchid. Hold together with one hand. With the other hand, begin to wrap the pieces together with floral tape.

Continue to wrap with floral tape. You may need to cut off some of the floral wire and floral stems. Leave about 1 1/2” of stem at the bottom of the orchid.

Now, add your ribbon, aligning the wire “tail” with the orchid stem. Wrap stem and wire together with floral tape. If creating a lapel corsage, pin on with a corsage pin.

The templates re-reusable. Simple place it back onto the shiny side of the paper.

To create a wristlet, form a circle of elastic and stitch together.

Use a double seam to secure the elastic together. Be sure to make the elastic circle small enough that it has to stretch slightly in order to fit.

Align the elastic circle with the stem, placing the seam against the stem so it will not show.

Secure the elastic to the corsage with a piece of floral wire.

Wrap both the wire and elastic with floral tape. Tear off the tail of the floral tape and wrap it back around the stem to secure the end of the tape. Stretch the tape as you wrap the tail to secure it tightly.

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