Honor your favorite pet with this cute and adorable Freestanding Dog House #12595. Created to withstand handling, it also has a roof that opens so you can easily store pet mementos inside, plus a pocket on the front for a photo of your pet.

To make the dog house more durable, the walls and roof pieces are made using OESD Fiber Form. It is more resilient than using the heavy weight cutaway stabilizer or sticky-backed cutaway stabilizer. The Fiber Form is washable and can be ironed to remove the wrinkles or fold lines from packaging. Embroidery machines can stitch through the FiberForm, which makes it a great product to use for this project. Simply spray the Fiber Form with temporary spray adhesive and place the wrong side of your applique fabric over the Fiber Form. To make the dog house, follow the complete instructions included with the embroidery collection.

Watch this video showing how to embroider the Front Wall FSA (12595-01), which features a Picture Pocket for inserting your pet’s photo. The video also demonstrates how to “build” the dog house.

Here is a photo of the Front Wall FSA being embroidered using the Fiber Form and fabric for the applique:

To add the Picture Pocket to the Front Wall FSA, spray the wrong side of the hoop with temporary spray adhesive. That will keep the pocket from slipping out of place since it is on the bottom of the hoop.

Here are some other handy tips:

•  Use Alligator Clamps to pull the buttonettes through the eyelets when “building” the dog house.
•  When storing – place the structure in its own separate container and use tissue paper or packing materials stuffed inside to keep the structure from being crushed.

If you have additional questions, email us at support@oesd.com.

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