If you’d like a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery store bags, these Farm Fresh Produce bags are for you! In this machine embroidery tutorial, we’ll show you how quick and easy they are to create and decorate with our Farm Fresh Linework Collection – PK10009. Sew up a set so you can shop for and store your favorite fruits and vegetables in style. They use just a few stitching supplies and are tons of fun to make!


Step 1

Cut (2) rectangles of mesh fabric 12 ½” x 14 ½”

Step 2

Hoop AquaMesh Plus stabilizer with the shiny side facing up. Score and remove the paper backing.

Step 3

Place the hoop on the Grippy Grid centering on the grid. Determine the orientation of the design. Fold the fabric into quarters. Float the fabric on the Aqua Mesh Plus using the grid to help with the placement.

Step 4

Place StitcH2O topper on mesh fabric. Tape in place to secure the topper. Stitch design.

Step 5

Wash out AquaMesh Plus and Stitch2O. Dry on parchment paper or a cooling rack.

Step 6

When dry, place the back and front right sides together.

Step 7

Serge both sides and the bottom of bag together. Leave the top of the bag open.

Step 8

Turn right side out. Place on table and measure top of bag. Double the measurement and add 1”. (12” + 12” + 1”= 25”)

Step 9

Cut a strip of quilters cotton 4” x 25”

Step 10

Serge both of the 4” ends.

Step 11

Fold the serged ends, press, and stitch down using the sewing machine.

Step 12

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and press.

Step 13

Fold in half to find the center and mark the center with a pin.

Step 14

Place the fabric strip on the right side of the mesh bag, using the center pin to place the fabric on the seam.  Place the open ends of the fabric strip on the other side seam.

Step 15

Serge the fabric to the top of the mesh bag.

Step 16

Fold the fabric up and serge through the mesh onto the fabric.

Step 17

Stitch, with the sewing machine, 3/8” from the top of the fabric to make a channel for the cord.

Step 18

Place a safety pin at the end of the cording and thread through the channel.

Step 19

Thread ends of cord through the cord lock. Tie knots in the end of the cord.