Rope bowls are a fun, easy, and trendy project to DIY on your embroidery machine! Check out this step-by-step tutorial to see how you can customize your very own exciting pieces of home decor! Pick out your favorite embroidery designs, ribbon, and thread colors to customize these fun containers. Keep on stitching your coiled rope to make the bowl whatever size you’d like. Fill them up with objects big and small, or leave them on their own and wait for the compliments from guests to roll in! Grab your supplies, and let’s get stitching!



Step 1

Start your bowl by making a coil with the clothesline.  Hold coil together with pins.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl

Step 2

Using a straight stitch, stitch an “X” across the coil to hold the center in place.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl stitch rope

Step 3

Wind the cord around the coil with the free end on the right (clockwise).  Using a zig zag stitch, start to stitch the cord to the coil.  Make sure one side of the zig zag catches the coil and one side catches the loose end.  

Easy DIY Rope Bowl stitch rope

Step 4

Continue stitching until the coil is about 8” in diameter.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl measure

Step 5

Hoop Stabilstick Tearaway.  Remove paper to expose the sticky side. Center hoop on Grippy Grid to assist with placement of the coil.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl hoop stabilizer

Step 6

Place the coil in the center circle with the free end of the clothesline on the right side.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl hoop rope

Step 7

Using Stabilstick Template Sheets, print a template of your design.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl print embroidery design

Step 8

Trim template, place on coil for correct placement. Use appropriate method for your machine to center design for stitching.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl center embroidery design

Step 9

Remove the template after centering design.  Place StitcH2O over the project to keep the stitches from sinking into the rope.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl add stabilizer

Step 10

Stitch the design.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl stitch embroidery design

Step 11

Remove stabilizer.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl remove stabilizer

Step 12

To start to form the sides of the bowl, tilt the base you just embroidered as you continue to stitch the cord and the base together.  Continue to stitch until the bowl is just short of the height you would like the finished bowl to be.

To add the ribbon wrap the ribbon around the cord before you stitch, then stitch the cord to the bowl.  Continue stitching the cord to the bowl until you reach the height you would like for your bowl.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl finish top

Step 13

When you get to the end, fold the cord to the inside of the bowl and stitch.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl sew top with ribbon

Step 14

Cut the cord and stitch over the end.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl finish top with ribbon

Step 15

Turn bowl around and stitch over the cut end of the cord to help secure it.

Easy DIY Rope Bowl stitch end

Step 16

Finish shaping your bowl, and enjoy!

Easy DIY Rope Bowl complete


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