Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better gift for Mom than the gift of relaxation! These Stitch ‘N’ Turn Sleep Masks come with 3 cute designs and a blank one to customize. Add these Sleep Masks to a spa gift basket for a go-to handmade gift. Not just for Mother’s Day, these make all around gifts for a bridal party (customize the front embroidery to “Mrs” and bridesmaids names on the front), baby shower, birthday, Christmas, and everything in between.


  • Stitch ‘N’ Turn Sleep Masks #12751
  • OESD Fuse and Fleece 1- Fit to hoop, 1 – 6″ x 10″
  • OESD Fusible Woven 1- 6″ x 10″
  • Expert Embroidery Tape TearAway
  • Fabric (exterior and liner) 2 – 6″ x 10″
  • Isacord Embroidery Thread
  • Dritz Braided Elastic 1/2″: 17.5″


Cut your front, back, and fusible woven pieces out each measuring 6″ x 10″.

Hoop one layer of Fuse and Fleece fusible (shiny) side up.

Stitch Placement Stitch.

Fuse the Fusible Woven piece to the front fabric piece.
Place over the placement stitch with the right side up. Use the TearAway tape to secure on the sides.

Stitch tackdown and continue the embroidery design. 

Stitch Left Side Elastic Placement Stitch

Cut elastic to 17.5″ piece. Place one end of the elastic over the placement line so the cut edge extends 1/2″ over the line.

Tape in place. Stitch Left Side Elastic Tackdown.

Repeat steps for the right side making sure the elastic is not twisted.

It should look like this now. Use the TearAway tape to tackdown the excess elastic in the center.

Place the back fabric right sides together over the front piece (still in the hoop). Secure with the tape on each side.

Stitch Seam using a color that matches the fabric.

Remove from hoop and cut seam allowance down 1/4″. Clip the curved edges.

Pull right side out through the opening.

Fold in the seam allowance of opening, press, and stitch closed. You can hand sew this with a blind stitch or top stitch with your machine (in this case I’d continue the top stitch around the perimeter to keep things consistent).

I couldn’t help but make a few for EVERY momma I know. I love the blank one you can customize the front with your own embroidery or leave it blank.

Sleep Masks to a little spa gift basket and you have the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. In general, these make great presents for all occasions. I like to gift them in stockings around Christmas, bridal party gifts (embroidery the “Mrs” on the front or bridesmaids names), baby showers, birthdays, etc. The options are endless.

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