Learn how to embroider on cork! It’s easy with our detailed tutorial featuring an embroidery design from the Through the Needle collection.


  • OESD’s Through the Needle #12796
  • OESD StabilStick CutAway
  • OESD Fusible Woven – 23″ x 11″
  • Cork – 23½” x 11″
  • Isacord Thread #1904
  • OESD Bobbin Thread
  • Chalk Marker
  • 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Pinking blade rotary cutter or pinking shears
  • OESD Loop and Tail Wand (optional)
  • Composition Notebook
    Note: All supply measurements are for a standard composition notebook. Instructions on how to measure for another book size are at the end of these instructions.


• Prepare the fabric by fusing Fusible Woven stabilizer to the wrong side of lining fabric. Due to the permanent fuse, it will prevent fraying after the project is complete.

• Fold cork in half to find the center. This measurement should be approximately 11 ¾” from each side (if using the measurements from the supply list). There is a ½” seam on the edge and a 3 ½” fold inside the cover to hold the notebook in place. The design should be centered between the middle mark of the cork and the mark for the fold.

• Use the marks to find the center of the journal front and mark on right side of cork fabric.

• Hoop StabilStick Cutaway paper side up. Score the paper with the Loop and Tail Wand. Remove protective paper to expose the adhesive surface.

• Position the cork onto the hooped stabilizer using centering marks and finger press into place.

• Embroider the design.

• Remove from hoop and trim cutaway stabilizer.

• Using spray adhesive, attach the wrong side of lining fabric to the wrong side of the cork. Lining fabric will be about ¼” short on each side.

• Fold each short edges over ½”.

• Next, sew to secure.

• Fold each short edge over 3 ½”. Sew ½” across the top and bottom to secure into place. The two lines of stitching should measure 10” apart.

• Line up ruler with ¼” marking on the stitching line.

• Cut with rotary cutter using a pinking blade. If not available, use pinking shears.

• Slip notebook covers inside the flap. The journal cover is complete.

Notebook Measurements

To measure your notebook, measure from one side of the book to the other side with the book closed. Add 8 inches for ½” inside hem and 3 ½” folds on each side to hold the book.

Measure the notebook from top to bottom. Add 1” to allow for seam and space to trim with a pinking blade.

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