Choosing Minkee fabric creates a lovely soft gift for a new baby. Spell out their name or just their initials for a treasured, personalized gift.


  • OESD’s Alphabears & Friends by Brandy Wine Design #75620
  • 60” x 60” Benartex Minkee® fabric for blanket
  • Variety of bright Benartex fabrics for appliqué
  • Isacord Thread
  • OESD Bobbin Thread
  • OESD AquaMesh Plus stabilizer
  • OESD AquaMesh stabilizer
  • Temporary Spray Adhesive


Embroider the Fabric

Measure 10 inches from the bottom right and mark a horizontal line. Measure 10 inches from the lower right side and mark a vertical line. The point these lines intersect is the center of the embroidery.

Hoop the AquaMesh Plus with the shiny paper side up. Turn the hoop to the wrong side and mark the horizontal and vertical center using your hoop’s template.

On the right side of the hooped stabilizer gently score the paper and tear it away. Line up the center marks on the fabric with the marks on the stabilizer. Smooth the fabric onto the sticky surface.

Spray a piece of OESD AquaMesh stabilizer very lightly with Temporary Spray Adhesive and place over the hooped fabric in the design area. Place the hoop on the machine.

Select and embroider the chosen design(s).

Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop. Gently remove the stabilizer from the fabric. Any excess will wash away.


When stitching the designs with appliqué, follow these directions:

Attach the hoop to the machine, select the design of your choice, and stitch the 1st guide stitch.

Remove the hoop from the machine, but DO NOT remove the fabric from the hoop.

Cut a square of fabric slightly larger than the stitching line made by the guide stitch.

Spray the back of the square with Temporary Spray Adhesive and place the WRONG side down over the guide stitches in the hoop.

Reattach the hoop to the machine again and stitch the second color change (the Appliqué Cut Guide).

Remove hoop from the machine, but DO NOT remove the fabric from the hoop. Cut away excess fabric from the outside the appliqué cut guide stitches.

Return hoop to the machine and finish stitching out the design.

Construct the Blanket

To form a curve at the corner, use a round object as a template and mark the curve and cut.

Thread a serger with decorative thread in bright colors, and serge around all four sides to finish the edges. Alternatively, you can use an overlock stitch on an embroidery or sewing machine.

Your blanket is complete!

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