Learn how to make this versatile sewing machine mat for your studio to organize your sewing notions.


  • OESD’s Etched Alphabet #12772 embroidery collection
  • OESD StabilStick Template Sheets
  • OESD Fuse and Fleece 28″
  • OESD Heavy Weight TearAway Stabilizer 28″
  • Linen fabric 28″ x 60″ (or 2 fabric pieces cut 28″ x 30″)
  • Temporary Spray Adhesive


Print templates for each design using StabilStick Template sheets. Trim design close to size. Mark crosshair if necessary for better visibility.

Apply Fuse and Fleece to the wrong side of the fabric at the bottom across the full width. Fuse as directed. Spray Heavy Weight TearAway with temporary spray adhesive and position over the Fuse and Fleece.

Mark the center of the fabric. Position the template upside down 7″ from the edge of the fabric to the center of the template.

Hoop the fabric. centering the template in the hoop.

Rotate the design to match the template. Position the hoop so that the needle is aligned with the cross hair of the template. Gently REMOVE THE TEMPLATE. Press Go. Change thread colors as required until design is complete.

Remove the fabric from the hoop. Press.

Position the E template over the stitched design. (It’s easy because the template is translucent!).

Position the remaining templates matching along the horizontal lines with 6.5″ between centers as shown.

Repeat steps 4 – 6 for each letter.

Press fabric. Trim fabric to 22″ x 55″.

Fold right sides together, stitch sides and bottom with ½” seam allowance. Leave a 4″ opening on one side.

Clip corners, turn and press. Top stitch ¼” from edge with contrasting thread along bottom and sides except for the bottom 7″ by the embroidery.

Turn project over and fold embroidery up to right side 7″. Press and pin or clip in place.

Mark a line with removable marker or chalk between letters.

Stitch on marked lines. Stitch on sides ¼” from outside edges.

All done! Position under sewing machine!

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