Halloween is always just around the corner, so it’s time to start stitching freestanding projects. Let’s look at some of those freestanding collections that we keep saying we are going to stitch out, but never do!

To prepare, let’s gather some of our basic supplies. For threads, use polyester in the top and the bottom (so that it matches), and for needles, use a titanium 80/12 sharp embroidery needle. They last longer and maintain their points longer, which is great when stitching several freestanding projects. Use either AquaMesh or a heavy washaway stabilizer.

Freestanding Coffin & Tombstone #12534

The first collection that we want to stitch out is the Freestanding Coffin & Tombstone #12534.

This collection has freestanding applique and lace techniques; just follow the complete directions that come with the designs. Here are a few tips that will make the coffin and tombstone easier to stitch:

To make the coffin and tombstone sturdier and stand up better, use a sticky-backed stabilizer on the wrong side of the applique fabric. You might even decide to use TWO layers of the sticky-backed stabilizer, so that it will be really sturdy. That will depend on the fabric and how thick it is also. Use good quality cotton fabric for the best results.

Next, use two layers of the washaway stabilizer for the designs. When you are finished stitching out your pieces, rinse them out using warm water. Let the design lay on a paper towel overnight. To dry the pieces more quickly, place them under a screen with a fan blowing onto the design. After the pieces are dry, fasten the buttonettes into the eyelets with alligator clamps or hemostats.

Halloween Bat House

Check out this Freestanding Lace Bat #19999-020! Stitch out one of the freestanding birdhouses, like the Patchwork Quilt Birdhouse #12500 in Halloween colors, and add the bat. How festive!

The birdhouse uses the sticky backed stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabric pieces like the coffin. It will really help to make the birdhouse stand up better. Be sure and use good quality fabrics.

For the bat, use two pieces of wash away stabilizer. If you want your bat to be stiffer, then don’t wash out the stabilizer as much. If you do wash it out and it becomes limp, then put a piece of stabilizer in some water in a jar. It then becomes liquid starch, which you can paint with a brush onto the lace and let it dry. Or alternatively, you can buy liquid starch to spray onto the lace.

Halloween FSL Bouquet

The next holiday idea is using the Freestanding Lace Bouquet #12454 and purple, silver and black metallic threads for a black and purple bouquet of roses. How cool is this?! Finding the right vase is half the fun! The freestanding lace spider glued to the front of the vase is from the Halloween Couture #12513.

Or create a bouquet for a spooky dead bride costume or to decorate a tombstone.

Another festive project is making a pumpkin from the Freestanding Pumpkin Patch #12516 in colors that would coordinate with your Halloween theme. Using purple silk-like fabric for the base of the pumpkin and green thread for the stem, eyes and mouth is a scary combination. Or check out the new Freestanding Halloween Pumpkin Patch for more spooky pumpkins.

Freestanding Pumpkin Patch
Freestanding Halloween Pumpkin PatchFreestanding Halloween Pumpkin Patch Freestanding Halloween Pumpkin Patch
Freestanding Lace Skeleton

This 23” freestanding lace skeleton is from Halloween Couture #12513. For best results, stitch it on two layers of a washaway stabilizer. Use mini brads found in the scrapbooking section of a craft store to put the skeleton together. It allows the joints to be movable and flexible. Then position the arms and legs however you want!

Halloween Tea Light Holders

Your favorite Halloween monsters and icons abound in this creepy collection of tea light holders. Vampires and werewolves and even a jack-o-lantern make a spooky addition to your holiday decor.

Halloween would not be complete without a haunted house! So let’s include one of our FSL houses: Freestanding Lace Haunted House #12480, Freestanding Haunted House 2 #12641, and Freestanding Haunted Mansion #12830. They are creepy, especially with the bright yellow fabric for the windows, purple and black fabrics for the rest of the house. Again, use the sticky-backed stabilizer on the wrong side of the fabrics.

Happy Stitching and Happy Halloween!

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